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Other Services Offered

HVAC System Check-Up

TECO cares about its customers, and we don’t want you to end up with a serious HVAC problem within your home. Therefore, it’s important that you do not skip this important piece of routine maintenance. If you haven’t set up this year’s maintenance yet, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today!

Gas Appliance Repair & Installation

Need a Gas Appliance installed or repaired? Call us TODAY! We work quickly to idenitfiy your issues and resolve them quickly. We offer affordable products and qualified technicians to serve your needs.

Thermostat Installation/Upgrade

If you need to get thermostats installed in your business or home, our installers can take care of all your needs. Schedule a consultation with us to see how we rise above other HVAC companies.

Do It Yourself


Before you call, try these quick troubleshooting tips:

1. Check your thermostat:
Make sure it’s set to COOL. Otherwise, the A/C won’t turn on, no matter what temperature it’s set to.

2. Check the return air filter:
Find the return vent (the metal grate that’s sucking in your home’s air). Open it, and look for your air filter. Once you find it if it’s dirty, change it. A dirty air filter can cause all sorts of problems, including causing the A/C to freeze up and shut down.

3. Check the circuit breaker:
A/C won’t turn on? A power spike may have tripped its circuit breaker. Go to your electrical panel and check the breaker box for any tripped switches. Do you see any tripped? If yes, turn it to the OFF position, then ON. If the breaker trips again, contact us immediately! This means that there is a problem elsewhere a professional needs to solve.

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